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Scotland decides the future of the United Kingdom

10 Sep

Thanks for this piece. I find the lack of consultation with the English, Welsh & Northern Irish electorates indicative of the absolute arrogance of the Westminster parties & the dismissive patronizing which characterizes their interaction with their fellow subjects. note we are not citizens because we live in a democracy which may be part of the problem.

Sundry Times

I am writing from an English British perspective about the debate and referendum on Scottish Independence. Like most of my fellow Englishmen and women, who have expressed an opinion, my initial reaction was something like: “You can be independent if you like – that’s up to you”. We live, after all, in a democracy and while opposing sides have said rude things to and about each other, there has been no rioting in the streets and the troops have not been sent in. All sides have declared their intention to accept the outcome of the vote (I just hope it is not too close. 51% may be a mandate but will hardly inspire confidence).

Much has been argued about the economic and social benefits of independence/staying in the UK. The fact is that after the result it will be confidence that affects business and finance. The short-term investors will likely…

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Yes David, Ed and Nick the referendum is a big deal

10 Sep

The panic in the Westminster elite & their City of London puppet masters amply demonstrates their main concern isn’t democracy or even what’s best for the UK. No they only became “engaged” with the democratic process, in this case the Scottish independence referendum, when they realised a) it might affect their wealth, b) lessen their influence & c) affect their ability to tell those foreign johnies how to behave without everyone falling about laughing

Couch Potato

It’ll never cease to amaze me how inept and incompetent the Westminster leaders are these days. For months they’ve basically ignored the Scottish referendum whether this was because they didn’t feel it was that important or because they assumed they’d win, i don’t know but I suspect the latter and the people that are campaigning have ran a pretty awful one, instead of highlighting the numerous benefits of the union they have simply reverted to trying to scaremonger the Scottish people.  Worst of all in my eyes Cameron even prevented the Civil Service from making contingency plans in the event of a yes vote, I mean that’s what they’re there for, to prepare for worst case scenarios.  Even better than this complete ignorance of the referendum was the announcement earlier this week that all 3 of the them, yes dishface, he who can’t eat bacon butties and even the one that’s sorry…

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