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Hacking trial: what did Cameron really know?

26 Jun


In British criminal law, one is deemed innocent until proven guilty; in British criminal law one can only be found guilty if there is irrefutable evidence proving one’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

However, Parliament is not a court of law and the wider public tend to decide issues of guilt on a balance of probabilities.

So, did Cameron know or suspect Coulson had acted illegally with regard to ‘phone hacking as editor of News of the World?

I have no irrefutable evidence to that effect and cannot prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. However, I am not constrained by the niceties of the law and on a balance of probabilities, I believe yes he knew and may well have employed Coulson as his director of communications because he knew this and thought it might be an advantageous skill for a person in that position.

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Just what are “Western Values” & what price do we set on them?

26 Jun

Given the recent “destabilization” events in two sovereign states, one European, but not a client-state or ally (Ukraine) & one a client-state but not European, but undoubtedly a European construct (Iraq) where we have seen markedly similar events unfolding i.e. a democratically elected government undermined & in one case overthrown by the use of violent disorder & the events being funded & orchestrated by a regional neighbour (although in the case of Ukraine the West is one of the parties funding violent overthrow of democratically elected government) namely Russia in the case of Ukraine & Saudi Arabia in the case of Iraq (now it is claimed that the jihadists of ISIS/ISIL are not supported by the Saudi state but by certain wealthy actors within it. Please keep this distinction in mind later).
In the Ukraine scenario a Non-NATO member gets land, sea & air military “exercises” including harrassment of Russian military assets in international spaces, pledges of support & financial sanctions of NON-STATE Russian actors who are close to President Putin (but who are not accused of funding the pro-Russian seperatists).
In the Iraq scenario we have a Western client state (set up by our military, cash & blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent people) which was, so we were assured crucial to the stability of the region & to our own security, being actively destabilized by seperatists funded by Saudi Arabian wealth. Now bear in mind that the same Saudi wealth funded those who planned & executed 9/11 (of whom the majority were Saudis) & is it not hypocritical that there are no financial sanctions in place against the wealthy Saudis (who are NOT connected to the Saudi government, again so we are assured) who fund these terrorists?
It is inconceivable that the Western Intelligence Services do not know who these people are & are not aware of all the links in the money trail given that the same Western Intelligence Services & Saudi actors have been cooperating for years against Iran, Syria & Hezbollah. Furthermore a NATO member, Turkey, has seen its consulate attacked & staff kidnapper. Under international protocols this is tantamount to an attack on its sovereign territory. Therefore ALL NATO members are treaty-bound to defend Turkey from such aggression. Have we seen any media, political or governmental shows of condemnation or support similar to those for Ukraine?
So it would appear that our much proclaimed “Western values” & “support for democracy” are up for sale … preferably to those who are prepared to spend billions of $ US on our weaponry.
So the next time aBush, Blair or Obama want your sons & daughters to put their lives on the line in defence of our freedom & our values remember whose money is paying the pipers.
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