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Who sets media agendas? Aka who’s serving who?

23 Apr

in the week which saw the jury verdict in the inquest into the death of Savita Halapanavar on which facet of this tragic case has the Irish media chosen to focus? Yes you’ve guessed it …ABORTION & Irish legislation in this regard.

However the question of whether or not Savita could access an abortion was NOT what actually caused her death. What caused her death were several shortcomings in the medical care she received (or more accurately did not receive).

What it boils down to is that the jury found there were manifest flaws both in the behaviour & clinical practice of several staff members on duty in Galway Hospital over the days it took for Savita to die. In addition the jury found several management deficiencies again both in personal oversight but also in terms of systemic design flaws.

Given that Galway Hospital is one of the HSE’s much vaunted “centres of excellence” which themselves are a cornerstone of successive Irish government’s Health Strategies. The very public & fatal failure of one of these centres should in my opinion be cause for real, public & detailed examination of the highlighted ‘shortcomings’ by all media outlets because the oversight & ownership of the performance & competence of our health service is not only in the public interest but is surely OF INTEREST OF THE PUBLIC.

But what has our ‘acting in the public interest’ media chosen to highlight & pursue? The abortion issue whilst ignoring the public’s right to know about safety in our health service centres of excellence.

Why would the media pursue this strategy? Why would our media seek to raise the one facet of the tragedy which would generate public unrest & political turmoil? Surely not for purely mercenary sales or viewership figures?