Archbishop Brady’s Conscience

29 Dec

I really cannot understand how Archbishop Brady & his fellow Archbishops have the gall to lecture the Irish people, and, more importantly, seek to exert blatant political influence on our elected representatives on the X-case legislation issue.

Given that these self-same gentlemen were actively involved in the cover -up of sexual abuse of hundreds of children by their fellow priests. Brady himself was responsible for the swearing to secrecy of a child (and his family) who was abused. Brady’s conscience didn’t seem to prick him much back then.

Furthermore these self-same Princes of the Church were part of the organisation which had ‘backroom’, off the record talks with An Taoiseach Bertie Ahern to limit the financial exposure of the Catholic Church to compensation claims by those abused. Resulting in the Irish taxpayers picking up by far the largest portion of the tab. Their conscience doesn’t seem to have bothered them over this.

Most of the Religious orders involved have so far failed to meet their financial obligations in this regard meaning that the victims are still waiting to receive their recompense from the organisation which caused them to suffer. Again Brady’s conscience doesn’t seem to be bothering him over this disgraceful behaviour.

These ‘gentlemen’, by their actions & inactions have, long ago, forfeited any right to lecture anyone on issues of conscience. They are a disgrace to their Church & their country.


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