What William Beveridge might have really wanted for the modern welfare state

15 Jan

What William Beveridge might have really wanted for the modern welfare state.

Fond this interesting …I too am appalled at the systematic and concerted attack on social solidarity and decency which has been carried out by successive governments on behalf of those who can manipulate the system to hide their wealth and gains against the rest of the population.

After all part of the reason we have such high levels of long-term unemployment in the UK  can be laid at Thatcher’s policy on monetary controls and the subsequent flight of investment abroad at the cost of our manufacturing base. After all why invest at home in the UK and your fellow citizens when you can asset strip the company, move the investment funds abroad and use child-labour, tax havens, and lax regulation to destroy the environment (see the growth of Polish coal imports) and avoid costly issues such as workers health, holiday pay, education etc. The Tories and their CBI mates like to wrap themselves in the flag (mind you Tory-lite aka New Labour are just as bad) but they have caused as much damage and devastation to the peoples of this island as almost any external force you care to name.

The Tories and New Labour for ideological reasons decided against a manufacturing economy and gambled that a services based economy with much reduced social provision and cohesion would be more effective. Unfortunately as the German model so eloquently demonstrates they were wrong. The German economy has taken on re-unification and the Euro and still outperforms that of the UK … the bond markets agree since they are effectively paying the Germans to lend them money. Thus in order to ensure the dismantling of the rights and livelihoods of the majority of the population successive governments have continued with their neo-liberal market orthodoxy despite mounting evidence that it is flawed and counter-productive. After all UK borrowing and deficits haven’t actually fallen and job creation is as elusive as ever. More austerity anyone?

The elites only gave us the NHS because of the threat of social unrest and the rise of communism after the second world war and have resented it ever since …they have bided their time and now will seek to make it unworkable so more and more people who are lucky enough to afford insurance will choose private healthcare.

If you want to see what awaits the UK NHS come to Eire and see how the mixed system operates here.

Caring Dave and his happy Tories want to return the UK to the type of health provision in the 1930s …hopefully there will be riots to prevent it


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