The State of the Union

15 Jan

The State of the Union.

It’s been interesting to watch the Unionist cavalry come charging over the hill.

Most of it is scaremongering designed to solidify the ‘no’ vote.

I have some queries though …

(Bear in mind I’m an expat Scot and who has supported independence if only because it’ll mean we canny blame the English for aw oor woes ken?)

How come Caring Dave and his merry Tories are suddenly so willing to keep those scrounging deadweight ne’er-do-wells North of the border?

Could it be that they need Scotland’s geography to enable them to meet their renewable energy targets? After all if there is any country in Europe which could be largely self-sustaining in electrical generation by renewable sources it is surely Scotland (closely followed by the Republic of Ireland but that’s another story).

Second comes North Sea oil (and new found resources in the North Atlantic) – now how much of the oil Scotland gets to keep is, to use a poker analogy, a who ‘blinks first’ bargaining chip (after all most of it comes ashore North of the border and is refined in Grangemouth) and if possession is 9/10ths of the law…

Next comes defence …Scots don’t want it but they have the ONLY  (and according to some the only possible) base for Trident submarines … so Mr Cameron if you want to keep them AND want to base them at OUR Faslane facility what’s it worth to you (after all the US bases lots of assets abroad)?

Lastly the £ Sterling …that nice Mr Osborne says the Scots can’t keep it … well maybe so BUT since the Scots will have North Sea oil and other energy exports to back the Scottish pound what credit rating will they get? More to the point without energy security and the need to import much more oil (and from how friendly a neighbour will depend on how dirty those perfidious Westminster Tories negotiate) what credit rating does the English rump get?

The Unionists are in a very hypocritical position on the one hand Caring Dave ( and his Home Counties Tories) say a closer financial union using a common currency is the BEST scenario in the modern world when it comes to the UK and then sings a very different tune in the EU.

The real question is WHY? What’s in it for them?


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