No forced labour please, we’re British!

15 Jan

Vox Political

Here’s a story to chill the heart.

Unemployed Geology graduate Cait Reilly, aged 22, was forced to give up volunteering at the Pen Room museum in Birmingham (she was hoping it would lead to a curatorship further down the line) in order to work for nothing at Poundland, sweeping the floors on a government scheme.

She was told she would lose her £53-a-week Jobseeker’s Allowance if she did not submit to the “forced labour” of stacking shelves for the discount retailer, which did not have to pay her.

Let’s put this into context: Poundland’s annual profit in 2010 was £21,500,000. Split among its 390-odd stores, that’s more than £54,000 – or enough to pay three extra employees, per store, on minimum wage, with cash to spare. That’s up from the previous year, when it could have paid two extra employees on minimum wage, with cash to spare.

Ms Reilly said…

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One Response to “No forced labour please, we’re British!”

  1. chrissy 17/01/2012 at 19:15 #

    totally agree. years ago I offered to work for nothing,and then if the employer didnt want to employ me after fair enough. She did employ me after,yet admitted that the idea of free labour was appealing,if this idea of making jobseekers work for employers for free was around then,my employer would have used free labour and not bother employing any new staff. If this happens ,we will go back to when people worked for cash in hand,no taxes paid,no benefits claimed. That would not be good. There are not enough jobs,that is the problem . if people think they are able toget work,they would. It is not peoples fault the work isnt there.

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